June 16, 2007

He's doing the dice too much!

I feel like after you hit 21, you never go party at people's apartments or houses anymore. Its always that you have to meet out at a bar. What up with that????

Last night me and Gus hung out with my bro, Matt Q & Co. We grabbed some dinner at Deep Ellum, which by the way is my absolute favorite place in the world! They don't have a website yet, but its are featured on yelp.com with rave reviews. I like to describe this place as the record store in the movie High Fidelity. Great music, awesome & hilarious owners and bartenders, huge beer selection, and the best Bloody Mary you've ever had in your life. After dinner, we headed back to one of my brother's friend apartments to go play some beer pong. The best part about hanging out with my brother is that we can bust out movie quotes the entire night without ever getting sick of it! The theme last night was quoting Knocked Up (which now I have to see again because there are way too many lines I couldn't remember!). Every time we played beer pong, we'd shake the pong ball like dice and yell "He's doing the dice too much", I think I then might have danced in front of someone's Treo yelling "I'm in your phone!!!!!!!!!!! Look at me!" A few Murderball references here and there, well you catch my drift.

All I'm saying is, everything was low key and fun, which is PERFECT in my book.

1 comment:

Matt said...

i definitely was doing the dice move too much. you should have hit me.

your blog looks awesome nowadays.