June 24, 2007

Judge Judy meets Blind Date

... is how I describe the best new show on television: A&E's 'Confessions of a Matchmaker'.

This is definitely t-vo worthy. Its on Saturday nights at 10pm.

This reality show is based in Buffalo, New York and its such a summer treat. Patti Novak is a Professional Matchmaker and isn't afraid to tell people why they are single. Yet she's totally sweet and wants whats best for all her clients. I saw an episode yesterday while I was getting ready to go out and right away I was hooked. The episode featured a 23 yr old tanorexic who wanted to meet a nice guy. When Patti Novak set her up with such a guy, the girl decided to take 5 shots during dinner, and call her friends to come over to the restaurant and meet her date. Yeah.. it didn't work out.

A few tips from Patti
  • A first date should never be a coffee date; it is the direct eye contact that makes women uncomfortable. Try a nice restaurant or take a walk and have a chat.
  • Guys should make the initial call and suggest where to have the date. It shows initiative.
  • You have 10 seconds to pass a physical inspection and about 30 more minutes to develop an emotional chemistry....So look your best and be a proactive communicator. The art is in listening and talking.
  • Less is better when it comes to jewelry, which goes for both men and women.
  • When setting up the first date spend no more than 5 minutes on the phone. You want there to be an air of mystery and have a lot to talk about on the actual date.
  • And most importantly, be on time!

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