June 23, 2007

Watch out Chuck Liddell..

Above: Posing with his award winning blue belt t-shirt

So for those of you who don't know my hubby, Gus, he's taken up a new passion of UFC fighting/training. He's been a wrestler his whole life, and after college was done, he went through a withdrawal period from competing. This is the next best thing in his eyes because he still gets to go work out and wrestle, as well as earn his mark as a bonafied bad ass.

I told him I'd never go see one of his fights if he actually decides to ever do one. I think I'd probably cry the whole time, or run up in the ring and jump on his opponent's back and tell him to back off!!

Today he got his blue belt in Mixed Martial Arts (I thought that's what 11 yr olds did, but I've been told the difference between MMA and Karate..) and all he got was this blue t-shirt. Congrats to my very own body guard!

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Nanette said...

Congrats, Gus!

P.S. I went to college with Chuck Lidell. I'd see him all the time around town. He's one intimidating guy, lemme tell ya.