June 16, 2007

People.com's Real Life Weddings

People.com has a good website with a bunch of cute real couple stories being that June is probably the most popular wedding month. From Top 10 ugliest bridesmaid dresses to sweetest proposals to funny reception videos.

I also recommend ordering America's Funniest Home Videos: Love & Marriage ($9.99). I put that in my mom's stocking for Christmas and we just laughed uncontrollably watching it. Note: I think its always better to watch something like that AFTER your wedding so you don't get freaked out about what could happen!!!!


Nanette said...

Our wedding photographers are featured in the print edition (twice!) for some of their weddings. http://nextexitphotography.com/blog/?p=211

Julie Q said...

Southern Cali sounds freakin' awesome, I just spent the last 20 min checking out more pics on that link. I think all companies should be required to have a blog now-a-days.

Its the way of the future