June 4, 2007

Summer Shows

Now that The Office, The Hills, Sopranos (tear drop) and all my other favorite shows are on hiatus for the summer and in Sopranos case, forever ( another tear drop)- the nights just aren't the same. Have no fear, theres a few good shows coming our way.

Rescue Me: Those funny sexy firemen are back for Season 3.
Starts June 13 (wed) on FX @ 10pm

Last Comic Standing: I never watch Comedy Central when they have stand up routines, but for some reason, this show on NBC is GREAT, because they mix the stand up with some good ole american reality tv!
Starts June 13 (wed) on NBC @ 9pm

Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia: If you haven't seen this show- go grab Season 1 on dvd. Critics describe this show as "Seinfeld on crack" and I totally agree! You have time to catch up on the first 2 seasons- because Season 3 doesn't start til late summer.

America's Got Talent: Starts up Tuesday- but you won't be seeing Brandy as a judge. Due to her legal matters, they replaced her with Sharon Osbourne. I can't stand Mrs Ozzy's voice- but will definitely tune in to see if David Hasselhoff gets wasted and starts eating pizza.
Starts June 5 (tues) on NBC @ 9pm

HBO: Big Love is coming back - Never really formed an opinion on that show. Some episodes I like it, other times I think its weird and silly. John from Cincinnati is a new series, based at the beach about a semi dysfunctional surfer family. I haven't seen enough previews but hey its HBO, at least it'll be fun to hear people swear :)
Big Love starts June 11 (mon) on HBO @ 9pm
John from Cincinnati starts June 10 (sun) on HBO after the Sopranos.

Am I missing any shows?


So Sioux Me said...


Thanks for the meme tag. Can I tag you back as one of my seven people? When you say I list your name do I then add the blogs to my list of blogs to read or do I do a blog with the list of the seven people in a seperate blog or what? Great fun game! Lots of networking too. Did I see this on emom or blogher?

So Sioux Me said...

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Hey Tracee- i left the info on your blog in a comment. You can definitely tag your other blog.. Have fun!