June 20, 2007

Too bad I fall asleep at 9pm

A lot of gossip these days is surrounding the future line up of Late Night TV. First it was Leno retiring in '09, and passing his show onto Conan. Now NBC is in talks with Jon Stewart to take Conan's place and have Leno sign on for another contract. Then I heard that NBC paid Jimmy Fallon NOT to sign any contracts so that they could use him if they needed be. I think every one of those guys are cute enough for late night tv, Leno in a George Clooney's uncle type of sorta.

Wow I feel like I just wrote a Laguna Beach summer recap!

I just hope Jimmy Fallon doesn't replace Conan, because then I will have ALWAYS have to hear Gus talk about the time he played Beer Pong with the SNL Alum in college (Jimmy was doing a comedy tour @ RIT and partied with them afterwards)

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