July 23, 2007

Ben and Julie's

This weekend we headed up to VT for a nice relaxing time in the Green Mountains. And it was just that. It was a little rainy on Friday night, but Saturday and Sunday were absolutely gorgeous. Saturday morning watching the news everyone in VT was talking about Springfield, VT hosting 'The Simpson's' Movie premiere. I wanted to drive down to it, but then I looked at a map and realized it was about 3 hrs away.

Above: Even a picture involving a porter-potty
looks surreal and pretty in Vermont!

We headed over to Stowe and rented bikes because they had a great bike trail along the creek & it also went by all the cute restaurants and shops. Coincidently this was the 2nd week in a row renting bikes. My make-belief personal trainer would be SO proud.
We also got to hang out with my mom who gets to spend her summers in VT because she's a teacher with summer vacation. Unfortunately we did not stop by the Ben & Jerry's Factory due to the temptation of indulging in their Coffee Health Bar Crunch. I can't believe how many visitors that place gets every single day!
And if you do find yourself in VT, grab a pint of Switchback. It gives Sam Adams Summer Ale a run for its money.. Actually all the breweries in VT are pretty awesome.

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