July 13, 2007

Cape Gal-ery

Back from vaca. And its still the weekend!

Above: My first lobster! I named him Fred. He was delish.


On Tuesday I took a trip to Provincetown with my Sister-in-Law Steph. For those of you not from Mass, this is the last town in Cape Cod and is a popular summer destination for Gays and Lesbians. That and Key West of course. Steph and I were by far the hottest couple there :) I could sit at a cafe on Commercial St and people-watch all day! Everyone is so friendly.

Above: That was the biggest dog I've ever seen besides a Great Dane. His name was Brutus

Above: The new Mark Jacobs store in Provincetown, this is one of the few retail chain stores allowed here.

Above: Loves it!

Above: This was early in the day, but I could just tell the parties here along the beach got insane when the sun goes down.

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