July 24, 2007

A Closer Look

1. Lindsay, hire a chauffeur

2. The Dems partake in the first YouTube debate. Republicans are scheduled to do the same on Septemeber 17 in Florida.

3. Matt Leinart, we hear diaper duty for you doesn't involve changing diapers. Or duty.

4. A breath of fresh air.

5. His and Her remote. Why do people call this sexist? Maybe if you pressed the "Her" btn and a guys voice said "Go grab me a beer"..

6. Showtime's Weeds Season 2 came out today. While I'm not a fan of any narcotic, I totally love this show! The chicks on this show are my favorite. Move over Wysteria Lane.

1 comment:

Nanette said...

Lindsay got busted just a few blocks from my house!