July 25, 2007

Finally some Summer Flicks

  • No Reservations, this friday: My post on Catherine Zeta Jones explains this one. Plus Aaron Eckhart is dreamy.
  • Hot Rod, August 3: Andy Samberg from SNL's infamous "Lazy Sunday" & "Dick in a Box"
  • Stardust, August 10: Usually not a fan of Fantasy Flicks, but I love the cast and the preview looks pretty interesting.
  • Superbad, August 17: Cannot wait for this one! For all you Arrested Development fans, George Michael is in this movie, pretty much playing the character he does so well.. Hopefully Gob and Gangy will appear as well.


Matt said...

i can't wait to see superbad...

WeezerMonkey said...

Yay for Aaron Eckhart! I don't think he's dreamy per se, but I do like him a lot. He was awesome in Thank You for Smoking.

Well, pretty much everybody in that movie was awesome, with the exception of Katie Holmes.