July 23, 2007

Friends listen to endless love in the dark

Entertainment weekly put together the top 50 love songs on their website. Well, so far its 50-26 but on Tuesday they'll post the other half. Its fun to click through the songs and hear the EW insider view behind the music. For example, #31 is Maps by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. A favorite song of mine- I never realized what it was about. WELL Julie, "Singer Karen O's desperate refrain — ''Wait! They don't love you like I love you'' — is supposedly directed at her boyfriend as he prepares to go on tour (hence the maps), but anyone who's said goodbye to a loved one can relate." [source] Thanks Lisa W for keeping me updated on the music down-low.
*Lisa is my friend who works there, and the only connection I have towards getting my own column for the mag! mwhahahahaaa.*


WeezerMonkey said...

Karen O is so rad. Otters are rad, too.

To answer an earlier comment from you on my blog, yes, I spent four years in Boston! I'm a Harvard alumnus, and I loved loved loved it there! The two friends I met up with in San Francisco last weekend are my college buds. Our 10-year (yikes, I'm old!) reunion is next year! :)

Matt said...

maps is one of those songs that when asked, "do you like the YYY's'?, I immediately bark, "No", but then proceed to sing it for like 3 days.