July 18, 2007

Nat says Farewell.

For all you Bostonians out there: that warm kind voice you hear on the news, that of Natalie Jacobson's, had her last broadcast today for Channel 5. The first woman broadcaster in Boston, she has led the pack for the past 35 years. I always thought it was cool because she lived on my street in Needham! Here is a link to her farewell speech. I got just a tad choked up when I watched her last broadcast.

The Boston Channel writes:
New Englanders made her one of their family, sharing the pain of her divorce and the joy of the birth of her daughter, Lindsay. "When Lindsay was born, our news director Jim Thistle led the 6 o’clock news with the news of her birth. I asked him if nothing more important had gone on that day. He said, 'Not to our viewers,'" she said.
Fortunately this is not the last you will see of her, she has a couple of projects in the works for Boston geared towards the baby boomers.

Plus, she'll be throwing the first pitch for an upcoming Red Sox game!
Thank you Nat!

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willikat said...

i'm geting married may 27 of next year. then we're having a backyard reception when we get back (we're going to hawaii) on june 14. i haven't had this blog this long--just a few months, with the first few with barely any entries00 so some info is in the archives i fyou care to read it. we just started solidifying things about a month or two ago.