July 5, 2007

Pickpocketer gets Pummelled

Don't mess with 72 yr old Bill Barnes. While standing a convenient store in Grand Rapids, MI, Bill felt a young man's hand in his pocket trying to grab his wallet. What this silly thief did not know was that Bill is an ex-Marine and a Golden Glove Boxer. Bill just started punching the guy over and over and then got some assistance from the Sales Clerk. They held the thief down until police arrived a few minutes later.

“I just didn’t want to get in trouble with my wife for someone taking my money,” Barnes said Thursday during an interview on TODAY.

Now all the retirees at his golf course call him Rocky! I love it!


willikat said...

that is the awesome-ist thing! grandpa's kicking butt! this story totally made me laugh. that robber picked the WRONG grandpa. :)

WeezerMonkey said...

I love stories in which would-be pickpockets, muggers, and ne'er-do-wells get their comeuppance.