July 13, 2007

Where art thou Martha?

As an added bonus to being in the Cape, the hubby and I took a day trip to Martha’s Vineyard. I had never been but I always remembered my Needham classmates who’d rock their ‘Black Dog’ t-shirts bragging about how they'd spent their summer in the Vineyard. Whhhaahhh.

We headed down to Falmouth and jumped on the ferry around 10:30am. 35 minutes later we arrived at Oak Bluffs, and the window shopping began. The Black Dog was the first stop because I too was going to have my own signature Prepster T-Shirt.

After a quick lunch at Sharky’s Cantina we headed over to the bike rental shot. It was either bike rentals or mopeds. A moped would definitely have been crashed within 3 minutes of me driving it. PLUS the bike paths in the vineyard are all fabulous.

We rode alongside the beaches to Edgartown, and passed this 8 yr old selling Lemonade in front of her family's oceanside mansion. I turned to Gus and said "You know what? I should go ask HER for money!" To be fair, she was only selling cups for $.50 :) Edgartown was so pretty, plus its where they filmed the original Jaws in the 70s (They called it Amityville in the movie)

15 miles of biking, and we ended up with the biggest sunburns ever. Mine is appropriately around the big Versace sunglasses I was wearing- leaving two big circles around my eyes. All in all, Martha's Vineyard gets an A+, even when we got seated with all of the crying (but cute) 1 yr old kids and their moms on the ferry ride back. What a great time!

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