October 25, 2007

1 Down, 3 To Go.

Red Sox beat the Rocky Rockies 13-1 last night thanks to McSporty cute pitcher Josh Beckett.

2 Things.
1- Does anyone else think Jeff Francis the Rockies pitcher resembles Jerry Seinfeld?
2- When does the CW replay ANTM and Gossip Girl, cos I totally missed both. Anyone see them? Were they any good?

(photo1: boston.com/globe staff)
(photo2: mlb.com)


Lisa G said...

You can watch them all online! I missed them both last week so I'm still trying to catch up. www.cwtv.com

Lacey Bean said...

On Sundays they replay them starting with ANTM at 9. The boyfriend doesnt let me watch Gossip Girl hahah! I missed it too last night, dont want to know who got booted from ANTM til then!

Nanette said...

ANTM was good this week. And I think that pitcher looks like Shia Lebouf to me.

Kay said...


GG and ANTW were both good this week. don't want to spoil anything unless if you want me too =)

WeezerMonkey said...

Online or Sunday. ANTM was awesome, especially at the end. GG was great, too. Revenge is sweet. ;)

Katelin said...

Well everyone already answered the ANTM questions, haha. But I thought it was a pretty good episode. I was hoping you would have your two cents on it, but I'll just have to wait,haha.

And I agree with Nanette, he kind of reminds me of Shia with a dash of Jerry in there.

Heidi said...

for some reason my tivo didn't tape ANTM :( :( Gossip Girl was good though, the previews for next week blew. But i think you can watch full episodes on the cw website. i think :)

Julie Q said...

Shia Lebouf is right!! I can't believe i didn't notice that. Good call! Thanks for all the ANTM/GG input, I will definitely check it out once CWTV.com uploads this weeks eps online.