October 26, 2007

2 Down, 2 To Go

So far Red Sox have won the last 6 World Series games in a row (remember they swept the cardinals in '04). Last night was a bittersweet 2-1 win though, cos its probably Curt Schillings last game as a Red Sock.And then the biggest pretend love of my life Mike Lowell made a hit that brought players into score (sure an RBI for you baseball junkies..) Mike Lowell is the most dreamiest baseball player ever.My brother, Matt Q, went to the game last night and I asked him to take some pictures for the blog-- but something tells me he's going to be way too tired/hungover to send them over before he leaves for work this morning.

Red Sox head over to Colorado now for Saturday's game, hopefully they won't let the home field advantage ruin their conquest.

Friday Red Sox Fun!

The Boston Globe has quite the match up game online..
If they weren't Red Sox... they'd be______________.
find out the answers HERE.

(photos: boston.com/globe staff)

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Kay said...

are you gonna get your free taco bell??