October 26, 2007

Allure Understands Ur Mood

Catching up on my November Issue of Allure (with a bronze gorgeous J-Lo gracing its cover) I came across some interesting reads in the Mood News section. One titled 'Talk To Strangers', saying that to improve your mood, speak with a stranger.

"Among 38 couples, most subjects predicted that they would feel better talking to their mate than an opposite-sex stranger. But those who chatted with someone they didn't know rated their experiences and moods very highly afterward. People are motivated to make a good first impression, and the attempt itself makes them feel good, the investigators explain." [allure nov'07 pg 115]

I guess that is better then treating your mate like a complete and total stranger!

Then I clicked on their Mood News link and am so excited to browze through it! It touches every subject from Tanning Addiction to Fake Smiles. Me being a nosy neighbor loves hearing about everything and anything.


Yiayia said...

"Me being a nosy neighbor loves hearing about everything and anything." It's genetic...I have the same problem which includes every subject!

Nanette said...

Ooooh, J-Lo DOES look pretty there!

Katelin said...

i agree with nanette, i'm not a huge j-lo fan, but she looks quite amazing there. oooh the power of bronze and photo shop, haha.