October 3, 2007

Bonaduce Breaking: Reality Awards Edition

Danny Bonaduce layed the smack down on Reality Show D-Lister Jonny Fairplay (from survivor) at the Fox Reality Channel Really Awards.

Just think of this awards show as a casting call for The Surreal Life.

Funny at first, but then when you realize about 10 of this guy's teeth fell out as a result, kinda makes it even BETTER. Just kidding, it actually makes me want to go grab some ice for the poor guy. Although he did jump on Danny and instigate the whole thing. These crazy reality stars, how am I not one?!?!
[photo: vh1blog, video:tmz.com]


R said...

Holy shit! That's all I could think about when I just watched that. Yikes.

Kay said...

funny!!, my co-worker was on a blind date with burton from survivor pearl island (same season as fairplay)...as you would have imagined, her date was him talking all about survivor/reality tv etc. so it didn't go well and she insisted on paying for her portion of dinner..i think he got the gesture---don't expect a second date