October 26, 2007

Bros Pics from Fenway

JQ Lounge correspondent (and fellow brother), Matt Q, sent me these pics from his trip to Fenway last night.

note from his email "that dude below is dusty baker, former manager of the cubs and giants, and the other dude is john kruk who is on baseball tonight. gus will know them for sure." ** My bro is the one who looks like me and doesn't have the goatee.
And as Kay mentioned before, Taco Bell will be giving out free tacos next Tuesday from 2pm-5pm because Jacobi Ellsbury stole 2nd base. Thanks Jacobi (except I don't think there's a taco bell anywhere near me)


Kay said...

JQ those are great photos--your bro must have loved meeting those bb greats!

no taco bell near you--that sucks =(

R said...

No TB?? What the heck? Well, I'm glad Bro Q had a great time.