October 16, 2007

A Closer Look

- I usually prefer is Tall Dark and Dreamy, but Tom Brady cleans up nice for Stetson

- Ron Howard and a fellow Arrested Development writer got the green light for a new comedy on FOX. Hope they have a big budget to get Tobias, Maybe, Gob, George Michael, Gangy, Buster and Michael Bluth signed on!!!

- Liene at Blue Orchid Designs wrote a great post about posting larger pictures on Blogger.

- Update on Real Housewives, Slade the Grenade has replaced Jo aka the prettier social climbing version of Heidi Montaug.

- Real Simple's 'Get organized tip #42' - The Monthly Spending Plan Worksheet. Perfect for OCD'ers out there like me!

-People.com reader's sending in their Dress up as a Celeb Halloween photos! The Ellen one is my fav.

[pic: A Socialite's Life]


nancypearlwannabe said...

I am in love with Arrested Development, so that's awesome news!

Meghan said...

julie.. you made my morning... a new AD??! yay!

Kay said...

that ad would be more interesting if they used giselle as the female model =)

Michelle said...

ha. those celeb costumes were hilarious! thanks for the laugh, i needed it :)

elysa said...

I think I am going to put that celebrity costumes on my halloween roundup.

Valley Girl said...

Mmmm...Tom Brady *shivers*. He is so damn yummy.