October 29, 2007

A Closer Look

- Teri Hatcher is by far the scariest queen I've ever seen. I think Ursula was hotter.
- Cutest Puppy EVER!!! Except I'd flip out if that was MY MacBook screen.
- Baseball Widow gives a vivid description of what its like dating a die-hard red sox fan.
-Dogs in Halloween Costumes never get old.
- Trashy Halloween Decor. Now that's what I'm talkin' about.
-Today Show readers send in pics of Tattoos they regret. Its called put them somewhere you can't see them! Then you won't have to regret them, you'll just forget them! BTW I heart both my tats.
- I might just have to go pick up this book sometime this week. Looks like it could be a fun read..
- AMERICAN GANGSTER opens up Friday. SO going to see that sometime over the weekend. Russell Crow and Denzel are frickin' awesome. Am I the only girl who's boyfriend/hubby makes them watch Gladiator 10 times a year?

[picture: dlisted.com]


WeezerMonkey said...

That pic scared the sht outta me.

Mrs. D said...

Ugh, my husband loves Gladiator too but I fall asleep everytime he suggest we watch it. Funny how that happens...every single time!

Michelle said...

she is gross. just gross in that picture.

and i loved that tattoo site. some people should really think about things before they are PERMANENTLY inked on their body.