October 11, 2007

Fun ANTM free for all..

I saw the best video on fourfour. At first he started talking about Lisa on ANTM, so I figured its the girl from this season. I click on the Youtube video to find out its Lisa from Cycle 5. You know Lisa, the crazy weird hilarious sassy goofy wino lush! The song blows, but I always thought she was entertaining nonetheless.

So ANTM last night. Usually the makeover show is my favorite ep of the season but last night was kind of dull. Not too many drastic changes. Oh yeah-- Heather got a 1 inch trim and some chestnut highlights!!!!! (sarcasm) And Chantal was morphed into.. an already platinum blonde with bangs! I cringed when they were trying to take Ebony's weave off. But you know everyone secretly cheered when Jay told Bianca her hair was way too destroyed and they would have to shave it all off- except she looked a million times better afterwards. Lipstick Bitches is a great blog for ANTM pictures from the shoots: click here for last nights final shots.

I'm sorry but you knew 2 things: 1. As soon as Seleisha said she would NEVER be in the bottom two, it was totally going to happen. and 2. As soon as Victoria opened her mouth at judging, that she would definitely be going home. No question bout it.

Here are the makeover pics as well.

Well now I don't have a pick for who I think will win. I still absolutely love Sarah, but apparently she's losing weight and that's a bad thing. Society and Tyra= insane & crazy!!!!!
Jenah did look hawt as a blonde though- kinda like Melrose and Caridee.


Heidi said...

I'm kind of glad that Victoria got the boot. I was getting sick and tired of her "i know everything cause i went to yale and i got on here even though it was only a dare" type attitude. Like wtf bia. So what you went to Yale. Go be a lawyer or something :P

And Bianca's hair was DISGUSTING. She does look a million times better...but i don't like her and Ebony's attitudes like "we're so awesome we were raised in the ghetto but we're going to be models and all y'all can just suck it." I hate arrogant bias like that.

I think my current favorites are Sarah and Heather :)

Allie said...

I am so disappointed so far this season, and not even Rich at FourFour can get me psyched up for it. The girls are ho-hum, the makeovers were boring or awful (of COURSE if you have Ken Paves you're gonna have a bunch of stupid extensions), those who deserve to leave are leaving.

And glad Victoria is gone because she's one of those people who drives me MAD - thinks she's so smart but is utterly utterly STUPID when it comes to interacting with people. And those neck rolls WERE awful. Wish I could see a whole roll of film to REALLY know if that was the best pic.

Katelin said...

oh top model.

i totally agree with you and knew that saleisha would be in the bottom too and once victoria went on her rant again you knew it was over for her. i was pretty dissapointed with the makeovers as well. granted i did like saleisha's rihannaesque hair do and janet(?) with the short black do.

but man i still love the show. and i liked seeing nigel's wife in the mix too. i just love nigel, haha.

WeezerMonkey said...

I guess I'm in the minority re Victoria's departure. I'm sad. Nobody should be doomed to be a lawyer. It's a terrible existence.