October 25, 2007

Hill-arious Update

Thanks to BestWeekEver, who got the exclusive interview with Gavin, the cute zoolander Lauren went out with last ep. He spills the beans on everything he witnessed and also addresses the Nail Polish fiasco (no he did not give her a manicure on the ride home).

Totally worth reading! CLICK HERE.

And I checked the CW website- none of this weeks ANTM or GG eps are uploaded yet to view :(


Katelin said...

i read this and laughed out loud. oh the hills and your fakery, gotta love it.

Lacey Bean said...

I *so* want to believe that its real!! Haha.

P.S. speaking of ANTM, if you don't read this recap blog from A Socialite's Life, you MUST. It's hysterical!!


Valley Girl said...

I totally knew Gavin was not her type. Its like, Lauren, hook up with Brody already!!! Jesus. Its not rocket science.

And how cute is Lo? "I loooovve passing judgement on people." LOL

R said...

You're right. It was totally worth the read. :)