October 23, 2007

Hilly Minilli

Is my new name for The Hills. Its like a reality fart that is stinking up my usual gossip websites and magazines. (please note, I totally still watch it every week, lets make that clear). Just Monday afternoon, when I came home from Jenny's wedding, I immediately click on people.com to see if anything crazy happened while I was in upstate ny. Apparently the only people.comworthy thing that happened was Heidi and Spencer put out a fire. Keep in mind there are horrible fires taking over Southern Cali, but "this fire" was like a flower pot on fire right next to their pool or something (i TOTALLY made that up) but nonetheless, these idiots were probably sitting on their high horse and toasting champagne glasses when they saw their useless story on the website. THEN perez kindly pointed out --surprise--, more evidence that Hilly Minilli is fake. CLICK HERE. its two screenshots of LC's date night. One shows her wearing red nail polish. Then when she's home 5 minutes later, its changed!

Blame it on the rain
Heidi's career at brent bolthouse is falling falling
Blame it on the stars
Brody turns more and more into a girlfriend each ep
Whatever you do don't put the blame on
Heidi and Spencer
They're just famecrosstitutes.

Thanks for putting on that fire Spencer..
You're such a hero! Go do some volunteer work and do something with substance.
Eating Taco Bell isn't going to end world hunger.

I'm sure a cheery post will soon follow.


heidi said...

they have forever ruined my love of taco bell and that makes me sad :(

Kay said...

did you see that tmz video of heidi and spence shooting their lamo video???? ewww

Katelin said...

spencer and heidi just make me want to gag. and i know the hills is fake, but the perez thing and the lax scene with heidi and spencer...come on now mtv. get your editing together. sheesh.

but of course i'll still watch it next week.

Andrea said...

I totally love your sarcastic blog!! I am originally from NY (not Texas, where I am now) so I getcha!!
And AMEN sister on the HIlls thing! Can I just say, Did Mr Ed come back on the air? Are that guys teeth real? I think any minute they are just gonna pop out! Not to mention... OK WHO CARES. You are a rich low life who started a sh*%tty rumor. Blah blah blah!

Valley Girl said...

Too funny! I missed the Hills on Monday thanks to my slow hotel Internet connection. =(