October 18, 2007

How Hollywood does Halloween

First people.com showed us how the regular folks dressed up as Hollywoodians for Halloweenian. NOW they've turned the tables, and feature a few famous people and what they chose for this Hallowday (ha-see what i did there?)
here's the link to check out all the pics. but here's a few of my fav.

Tisha Campbell doing an excellent impression of TYRA.

Peter Wentz from Fall Out Boy rockin a sick Chaz Tenenbaum warm up suit.
And last but not least, the Today Show Cast. If you couldn't tell already, I'm like the biggest groupy of THE BEST morning news show. And everytime I see a picture of Al in that costume, I try not to spit Diet Coke on my MacBook. (Which happens a lot when I read most of my favorite blogs)


Katelin said...

haha i love the today show one, that's great.

Valley Girl said...

OMG I just fell in love with Tisha Campbell!!! Brilliant!

Kay said...

so what are you going to be for halloween---did you say? =)

Michelle said...

HA! that pic of tisha campbell is freakin hilarious.