October 16, 2007

I think I just threw up in my mouth

Heidi Montag has a blog and to make it worse, so does Spencer. Perez Hilton was talking about how someone hacked into her so-called blog, and linked to this and then after i clicked on that, it linked to THIS. Its like a car crash- do I read it? Or do I turn away hoping to forget I ever saw it... and focus on pretty things like Mac Makeup and America's Next Top Model to get that girl's posts etched out of my brain. Good news, its totally not them typing the posts, its just their assistants purgurizing how awesome heidi and spencer are.

Okay happy thoughts, in honor of this horrible discovery, I'm going to list my top 5 favorite quasi-celeb bloggers..

Go read about these people's sugar coated days instead of spencer and heidi's.

1. Mindy Kaling's Blog (Kelly from The Office) Her character is quite possibly one of my favorite people in the world.
2. John Mayer- he posts pretty regularly. (although i refused to read it while he was dating Jessica Simpson)
3. Alec Baldwin writes about 5 entries a month at The Huffington Post, except so far none in October. Whatever- he could kick Spencers ass, while calling him a rude little piggy. And is it weird that I have a slight crush on Alec? Not sure what that says about me.
4. Cesar Millan's Blog, you know.. the dog whisperer! (thats a-list in my book)
5. Forget top 5, click here and choose whoever you like!


Heidi said...

i would really hate to be their effing assistant(s). Like seriously Id go home every day and drink myself into a coma and then shoot up as much heroine as i could so i didn't have to deal with them in a conscious state of mind. Crazy crazy crazy.

and why is that effing sex tape still an effing issue, sex tapes in hollywood are a dime a dozen. Big whoop its only another day or two till LiLo comes out with one since her acting career is otherwise dead.

Nanette said...

I puffy <3 Mindy's blog!

Katelin said...

heidi and spencer really are like a car crash. i just can't help reading that crap. gah they're so horrible.

Valley Girl said...

Caesar Milan is the -ish!

willikat said...

i love your blog. it regularly makes me giggle, you always have fun links, and we have a lot of thoughts in common (today it's mac makeup). :)