October 22, 2007

Leaf Peeping in Upstate NY

Above: Thanks Lisa W for sending this pretty shot of the ceremony!!

the princess in the tower!

What a fun weekend! Jenny and Neal are officially wife and hubs, enroute to Aruba for a week as we type.
The Recap:
Gus, Lauren, Henry and I woke up early early Saturday morning to travel to upstate NY. The Belhurst Castle in Geneva to be exact. The weather was a little on and off on Saturday during the rehearsal, but cleared up, warmed up, and stayed perfect for the rest of the wedding activities. The rehearsal dinner was held in Watkin's Glen on a Cruiser that sails along Seneca Lake (where all the great upstate NY wineries are) with about 80 guests. Above: Jenny & Neal the happy couple!Above: Jaclyn, Meg, moi, & Lauren
Doesn't Gus remind you of Andy from the office in this pic??
Saturday night turned into quite the party, staying up pritty pritty late and maybe even dancing in an empty jacuzzi singing kanye west with the bride-to-be and little sister Rachel *still debating on whether or not to ever watch that video I somehow took during this karaoke fest*
Above: a mini sephoraSunday, the wedding day, was absolutely beautiful. We all got our updo's at Unique Touch in Geneva. Complete with Momoses that Jenny's mom arranged :) The rest of the morning/early afternoon was makeup time with the Bride! Jenny had visited Sephora quite a few times before the wedding, and had lots of fun new items to play with. We even rocked the fake eyelashes, which I probably will never wear again due to it irritating my eyes and bugging me all night (but at least it paid off in all our pictures). I didn't get a picture, but Jenny also wore a Red Sox Garter belt (which is why I think the Red Sox are in the World Series- thank you J!)Above: my hubs, dingo, vig, wad, dmitriy, turnerAbove: The Sweethearts Table!Above: turner, moi & dingo
Above: the bride!!! and Matt WAbove: The Newlyweds!!!!Above: Matt (sarah's hubs), me, vig (who is doing an awesome Blue Steel), & sarahabove: lisa g (of blonde thoughts & conserving made chic), lauren, moi, and jaclyn (of conserving made chic!)
This was my first time being a bridesmaid. Although all us girls were nervous, Lauren or someone kept reminding us "Don't worry, they don't care about you, everyone is going to only stare at the bride anyways!" Ha, that actually helped :) The bouquets were so pretty, and Jenny called the bridesmaids her gorgeous chocolate truffles (b/c of our cute ballerina-like dresses). The ceremony was beautiful. The sun was shining, our best buds were saying their vows, our Origins Ginger Glimmer body cream was shimmering in the sun on our shoulders, and I sniffled for most of the ceremony. (I was afraid that if I cried my fake eyelash would fall off and land on my nose without my noticing!!!! It didn't)
Above: me and my favorite girl from NYC, Lisa W
Reception consisted of a lot of dancing, two extremely glowing and happy newlyweds, a lot of open bar, a lot of catching up with RIT alumni that we hadn't seen in a few years, a lot of changing into flip flops, a lot of taking pics, and a lot of fun.I even made myself a guest bartender, going behind the bar to pose with the awesome bartenders. Love how I spilled wine over my dress, just to make this pic more dramatic!!
A couple ridiculous quotes overheard throughout the weekend.lauren and henry, featured in most of these quotes.
Gus: Julie why are you driving so slow?
Henry: Maybe she's a Leaf Peeper.
Julie: Gus, this is a country road, and Henry, what the hell is a Leaf Peeper?
Henry: Its when old people drive around slow and look at leafs and trees.

BTW wikipedia states "Leaf peeping is an autumn activity in areas where foliage changes colors. Leaf peepers' are those who participate in photographing and viewing the fall foliage."

And it could just be my new favorite phrase.


On the shuttle bus ride to the Cruise.
A girl talking to an older couple on the bus. We'll keep her anonymous.

Girl: "Did you see the leaves?"
Couple: "Yes, they look beautiful!"

I'm sorry but I still tear up laughing when I was telling that story in the car ride. Think about that sentence. Did you see the leaves? (aka pretty fall foliage) What was the couple supposed to say:
"No, are those the flappy things on the trees?"
"Oh- I thought those were giant broccolli stalks in the ground"
"Listen- I'm old, not stupid"


Lauren: Henry you're probably lying.. like remember the time you told me that there's no wind if it gets too cold?
Gus: [breaks out in laughter]
Julie: What?
Lauren: Yeah, I was asking him all these questions about skiing on our way up to Sugarloaf, and he told me not to worry b/c if the temp hits a certain number, the wind stops.. i'm too gullible.

Click here for the rest of the wedding pics. (until I actually get the ceremony pics- its hard/impossible to take them when you're in the wedding party). Jenny & Neal- Congrats, it was an amazing time!!


Nanette said...

Awww, what a great wedding! I really like the bridesmaids dresses. You looked fabulous in it!

Yiayia said...

...and another beautiful couple continues with a beautiful marriage...reminds me of a wedding I went to last year about leaf peeping time....

Kay said...

yayy!! you are back, i've been missing your posts lately..

i love the chocolate brown dresses =)

Katelin said...

aw looks like an awesome wedding and i do love those bridesmaid dresses.

Valley Girl said...

I really am loving the bridesmaid dresses! V. girly yet classy.

Heidi said...

bridesmaid dresses = soo cute!!! haha chocolate truffle hahahahahaha

and you didn't know what a leaf peeper was?!?!?! where are you from??? Everyone from New England/Northeast (except NJ!!!) knows that term!!!!!!

Julie Q said...

Yia yia- wow I guess my wedding was a leaf peeper too!

Heidi- I'm from Needham, MA haha and I've NEVER heard that awesome term 'leaf peeper' before. I try to use it in every sentence now.

And the bride picked some kickass dresses i must admit- thanks for your compliments! I need to show you a pic of Jenny's second dress for the reception, both were so pretty! I wish someone else I knew was getting married....

Jenny & Neal said...

Hey Julie! We knew you would be the first to have some photos of our wedding! We love the great recap & are having a blast in Aruba!! See you & Gus soon! GO RED SOX! xoxo
Jenny & Neal

Michelle said...

yay! i love weddings :)

looks like you guys had a great time. and those bridesmaids dresses are super cute.

R said...

Hey! The dress fit. :) You look great, the newlyweds look glowing and great, and I love leaf peeper. :) P.S. Thanks for the kind wishes. I appreciate it very much.