October 31, 2007

My friend is SO Techy Savvy

Lisa W sent me this link for fellow Manhattenites (I don't live in NYC, I'm not even sure what you call yourselves anymore since SATC went off the air). The Website is New York On Tap, and its a good reference for NYC nightlife, places to go, things to do, bars, etc. NOW they put together a sweet tool for your iPhone.

  • Save a bar as a favorite while you're still there.
  • Find bars nearby the one you're at, or near a cross street, or near an address.
  • Find the nearest subway to where you are or where you're going.
  • Get subway directions from one bar to the next, or from any two addresses or cross streets.
  • View your friends favorite bars and hopefully you'll like them as much as they do.
BTW the new iPhone commercials are frickin' genius. The one where the guy talks about how you can view your voicemails on your phone and decide if you want to listen to them or not COULD be the coolest thing ever.
[picture: newyorkontap.com]

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i <3 you julie!