October 27, 2007

Next they'll install voting booths in bars

Lotus Lounge in DC has reached out to the inner alcoholic in today's voters by dedicating a new line of drinks to the Presidential Election's finest.

The drink menu is as follows:

Sen. Joe Biden

Drink Name: The Joe Biden
Drink: Hendricks Martini
Why: A traditional drink for a traditional, lifetime politician

Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton
Drink name: The Hillartini
Drink: Cosmopolitan
Why: The drink is pink and feminine, yet strong and bold

Sen. Chris Dodd
Drink name: Milk Dodd
Drink: Brandy, Dark creme de caoco, Half & Half, fresh nutmeg
Why: This drink will appear white to represent Dodd's much talked-about white hair

Sen. John Edwards
Drink name: Johnny Rocket
Drink: Southern Comfort, Grand Marnier, cranberry juice
Why: The Southern Comfort represents Edwards' southern roots

Sen. Mike Gravel
Drink name: The Gravel
Drink: Hennessey and Coke
Why: Gravel is the "dark horse" candidate and this drink appears very dark

Rep. Dennis Kucinich
Drink name: The Impeachment
Drink: Stoki Peach, Stoli O, a splash of orange juice
Why: Kucinich wants to impeach Cheney, so this drink has a peach taste

Sen. Barack Obama
Drink name: The Obama-rama
Drink: Goose O, Malibu, orange juice, cranberry, pineapple
Why: This drink includes Malibu rum and tropical fruit mixers because Obama lived in Hawaii

Gov. Bill Richardson
Drink name: The Bill-rita
Drink: Cucumber Margarita
Why: Tequila and margaritas are a tradition of the southwest and Richardson is govenor of New Mexico

[drink names/ingredients compliments of The Today Show, click there and vote for your favorite- thanks Matt Lauer, we should fly to DC and go for a Hillartini sometime. wink.]


Valley Girl said...

Lurves it!!

Katelin said...

that's awesome.