October 4, 2007

Quick ANTM rant

** ANTM Spoiler Alert: Skip on over this post if you tvo'd it- except i don't say who gets kicked off**

Models. Fighting. Cat walks. Oh My!
The best part of the 1 minute Bianca-Saleisha verbal fart match was Ebony witnessing it, and loving the fact that she's not involved with the drama! Best quote by Bianca "[Saleisha] Check your thighs out in the mirror". During the runway challenge for Colleen Quen Couture, Lisa and Sarah were my favorites. Saleisha totally rocked the fan though. And getting to do the Paris Show next year?! As Larry David would say "Pritty Pritty Good".

My top four new favorites to win the show: Lisa, Ebony, Jenah, & Sarah.


Kay said...

i think heather has a good shot too =)

Katelin said...

I picked Lisa the very first episode, I flipped when she almost didn't make the top 12!

anyhoo, just stopping by, saying hi. glad to see other top model fans too. :)

R said...

Why am I even watching this show? Because of the mini cat fights like that between Bianca and Saleisha. I really hope Bianca gets the boot. I haven't picked a fave to win yet, but I will. :)