October 10, 2007

shop & donate

lol after noticing how redonculous the price of a $90 polo is, today's shop and donate features a plethera of options, thanks to US Weekly's latest issue with The Hills girls on the over (minus Heidi obviously-- she couldn't fit her big head into the studio)A few favs from that page (click on it for full size copy):

  • Hint Mint Breast Cancer Awareness tin: ($4) www.hinmint.com
  • Victorinox Swiss Army Classic: ($17) www.reebok.com
  • And if anyone wants to pick me up a David Yurman diamond and aligator watch for $3,400- just send it on over here! www.davidyurman.com

1 comment:

elysa said...

ya know I'm just not sure that IF I had $3400 (ahh) sitting around that I would buy you a crazy diamond alligator watch. No offense :D