October 18, 2007

shop & donate

But Think.. before you Pink. Soooooo this website made me feel like a scam artist b/c I've been mentioning companies that are donating portions of their sales to Breast Cancer foundations throughout the month of October.

But what ThinkBeforeYouPink.org's real campaign is, is to seek out and call out companies who stamp on the pink ribbon, yet manufacture products that are linked to the disease. Click here for some of the companies in question. Their website has a lot of interesting resources and movies. I know companies usually only donate a small amount from the sale, I still think its a great thing that companies are donating and people are talking about this scary disease effecting so many women today.

my shop & donate featured item is Bloomingdale's little pink book.i'm gonna go put on some sephora pink lipstick and get ready to watch NBC must see tv tonite.

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