October 29, 2007

Sweeeeeeeeeet Boston Sox. Oh OH OH

Good times never felt so good.Last night Sox swept the Rockies. Gus and I were still at college when the Sox won the World Series back in '04 and had seriously debated whether or not we should drive 6 hrs to go watch the parade back in Beantown. We didn't. Not sure when the parade is (would be AWESOME if they held out til Saturday- but something tells me it'll within the next few days). Mike Lowell, you had a kickass home run last night and are the sexiest MVP in baseall! GO SOX! *No pictures of us fans for this post, unless you wanted to see me in my jammys practically sleep watching the end of the game*
[picture: boston.com]


Kay said...

yayyy--red soxs win!!
it seemed to easy =)

Valley Girl said...

You Bostonians are hardcore about the Sox, huh? Congrats!