October 30, 2007

Tardy Tyra Talk

FINALLY watched ANTM and wow, a few thoughts.

- Heather looked HOT in that photoshoot for Carol's Daughter (a nature themed cosmetics brand).

- LOVED Bianca practicing her "eye poses". Smile with your eyes girl! I hope a driver doesn't catch me doing that in my rear view mirror while being stuck in traffic this morning.

- Best quote by Jay Manuel to Sarah "Its good.. but you look like a heap of trash"

- Jenah's cardboard pic looked amazing. I still think she looks kind of crazy in person though.

- Sarah, how could you lose weight on ANTM? C'mon, that's like someone getting drunk on MTV's The Real World!

-Ambreal, pack your bags. She hasn't done anything on the show for the audience to remember her by yet.


Valley Girl said...

I haven't watched this show in so long! I love, Jay, though. He makes it all worthwhile.

Katelin said...

I agree Heather did look good in her photo shoot, but how awkward was she with Mary J? Haha.

And I totally agree with you about Jenah, her pics are good but she looks a little wide-eyed and crazy sometimes.

I'm still rooting for Lisa and Chantal I think.

Man I love that show.

R said...

I finally caught up this weekend too! Jenah is frightful. I don't know what's bigger, her teeth or her eyes. Yikes. And I can.not.wait. for Bianca to go home. She's so not my fav. I think Heather just might win it all. We'll see.

Lacey Bean said...

I <3 Jenah and she's my fave. Her and Heather. And I really want Bianca to go home, even though she's from Queens! WOO!

Oh and I LOVED at the end after Ebony quit that they showed the audition reel of her BEGGING to come on the show. Bitter much Tyra?