November 2, 2007

7 Things that Make Me Happy @ the Moment

1. Fridays. Not because its the beginning of the weekend, but because I always know that the new US, People & EW are waiting in my mailbox. I wish I could set it up so all my bills are delivered on Fridays as well, my trigger happy gossip mags will take the edge off seeing the Amex bill.2. Rocco, our dog, waiting til after The Daily Show (when both of us are in a deep sleep) to jump on the bed to snuggle right smack in the middle of us two.3. Sunday mornings during football season. Sure I know my hubs is going into the sportszone for the next 10-12 hours, but he's always in the best mood before the Patriots are on (which means we get to go out for coffee, read the Boston Globe and even go food shopping together)

4. Playing this version of Solitaire for free online. (I used to have an obsession with free cell that started the week our cable got shut off in college b/c we didn't pay the Time Warner bill.) But its all about the solitaire now.5. Reading blogs. HA I sound like the biggest nerd, but after long days at work, I love to tune in to how other people are doing (boo to not getting to read any of them or post myself during the day). Gus plays Wii. And I read blogs. And some do yoga.
6. My mom. She's taken Rocco to the dog park EVERY DAY this week, so I don't have to rush home from the office or worry about the little guy.7. The Office being HILARIOUS AGAIN!! Last night could be one of my favorites. Make sure you watch if you tivo'd it. I want to be in "The Finer Things Club"!!!!! Or try to make at least one friend at work..


Lisa G said...

Aww! I want a finer things club too! AND Tom is the same way on Sunday mornings, breakfasts and anything I wanna do til the games start, Great Mood. Have a great Friday!

Jamie said...

My boyfriend dvr'd The Office for us. I can't wait to watch it. I'm loving the Office so much right now.

Your dog is the cutest. I have 4 little dogs, I want a big dog though!

R said...

I love that you love The Office. I was cracking up last night! It's the best stress reliever.

Katelin said...

Haha, Sunday mornings are so the same for me with the football business. My bf has Tom Brady on his fantasy team, so as long as they do well, the day turns out okay.

Happy weekend! :)