November 27, 2007

Austin, Massachusetts. That's what I said.

Oh. That's just me and my BFF walkin' around the streets of Boston.
And our hairdresser walkin' right behind us.
Smessica supposedly brought Tony Romo to Thanksgiving at her house in TX. Seems like just yesterday she was all up in Boston's grill, saying she wanted to date a guy from Beantown. I'm still trying to figure out the ulterior motive behind that wicked ass kissing quote in the first place. Its not like she's a republican running for president in need of winning over the great state of Massachusetts!

She should've gone on at least one date with an average joe from here. Come down the Harvard Sq. Sip on some Scorpion bowls at the Hong Kong. Write equations on the wall. Come watch Kevin Garnett play on the Celtics. See Tom Brady throw a football. Go shopping with me on Newbury St and buy me a few things, like best friend Cartier bracelets.I feel she owes us.. or ME.. that much.

She has some time to redeem herself, but so far my Presidential nominee vote goes to Vanessa Minnillo.


WeezerMonkey said...

Scorpion Bowls! Man, that takes me back.

And, yes, I have insomnia and am awake at 4 a.m. @#$%^&*!

Jenn said...

When I read about her and Tony Romo I almost cried. (Not really). But Tony Romo is on my pretty boy/guilty pleasure list :D

Virginia said...

Jessica Simpson totally baffles me. How is she still around? Does anyone LIKE her???

Valley Girl said...

I want a bff Cartier bracelet!!!