November 6, 2007

A Closer Look

- We probably wouldn't be friends anymore if I saw you wearing this at the gym. I dont care how trendy you are..

- Apparently Oprah wasn't harsh enough towards author James Frey.. only an estimated 1,700 scorned readers asked for a refund from the publisher for "Million Little Pieces".

- CNN posted Britney Spears and K-Fed's monthly earnings. Yeah that makes me want to go to work to make about .0000000000003% of that. Just kidding, i probably make half what she does. I'm funny. And I probably make MORE than FedEx...

-'s update of the Hollywood Strike and how its going to affect us, the common folk.

-Lipstick Bitches posted Shia LaBeouf's mugshot. And I agree, he DOES look wicked hot in it. Although the JQ Lounge does not condone mugshots.. Unless its a mug containing a cafe mocha in it and a shot of espresso.

-Jezebel dishes on the Seinfeld's, and for some whacky reason, I love hearing about those rich bastards.


Valley Girl said...

I love hearing about the Seinfelds, too!!!!!!!! I gotta start going to the gym so I can meet my own Jerry.

Jamie said...

hahah i posted Shia's mugshot yesterday too. He does look pretty cute!

That ipod thingy is hideous though!

Nanette said...

That ipod thing does not look comfortable, although I do admit that the case for my video ipod is a bit unweildy.

R said...

You have to be hardcore about your iPod to wear one of those.

Katelin said...

Wow, that Ipod shirt is a little extreme.