November 4, 2007

Go Back To Bed!!

Make sure you push all your clocks back an hour this morning b/c its Daylight Savings time.
Why don't they do this on a Monday when you actually want to sleep in?

Saw American Gangster last night. Thought it was pretty good, but not as good as The Departed. Denzel and Russell Crow were both pretty dreamy in it. Definite rental, but its a fun movie to watch in the theater as well.

note* thats how Rocco sleeps sometimes, its hilarious which is why i took a picture of it.


Andrea said...

Thanks for the review! I really wanted to watch that, but was not really wanting to spend $20 on a movie. UGH! Don't you hate how expensive movies are these days, remember when it was lik $5 bucks??

Jamie said...

I saw American Gangster as well. I thought it was really good too. I found out a lot of stuff I had no idea about!

I have yet to see the Departed though. I've heard it was amazing. I obviously need to get on that.

Your dog is adorable!

Julie Q said...

Andrea: $4.25 is what I used to pay way back in the day for movies! I remember it all too well.

Jamie: Def. rent the departed!!! Just for Damon,Leo, & Mark Walberg alone :)

Valley Girl said...

Ahhh!!! I wanna see that. I'm still gonna see it in the theaters.

Nanette said...

We were going to see that Friday night, but it was sold out. Gone Baby Gone was a good back-up plan.

Oh, and when I worked in a movie theater, tickets were $3.50!