November 14, 2007

Hills and Reflections

EW had this picture in their latest issue which made me chuckle b/c i bet about 14 million people would tune in if this were the case. Click on it to make it full size..
And then I saw the Chip Monitor Mirror (pictured below) on Geek Sugar. WHERE WAS THIS AT MY OLD JOB? The point is to use it like a rear view mirror in case your boss comes over and you don't want him to find you on Guess what- they have other ways of figuring that out.. damn IT guys! Anyhoo- at my old job I taped about 3 different Clinique and Sephora pocket mirrors to my monitor at different angles so even if my boss tried to sneak into my cube from using suction cups to crawl from the ceiling, I was going to see it coming. The mirrors made it look like I was practiced wicken or something, or that I was completely vain..

Agree to Disagree..


Jenn said...

My boss has a mirror like that. She watches Lost on her lunch breaks at her desk.

Lucky for me I'm downstairs in an empty office by myself. Perfect amount of time to catch up on blogs :)

Jamie said...

HAHAH omg. This is amazing. SP and JJ Federline and Suri!

Virginia said...

Oh my gosh, those mirrors are PERFECT! I think I'm going to need about seven. My boss is stealthy...she may have had a history in the FBI.

How do you think they got all the Cheetoes cheese off of SP and JJ for that picture? Hahaha.

Katelin said...

Haha I love the wedding picture, that's awesome. Granted I kind of envisioned Papa Joe as the minister of the ceremony.

And the mirrors, quality. I think I'm going to need some when I moved desks next week, haha.

Valley Girl said...

OMG that pic is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!! Is that Tater Tot and Jayden I see in there?

Allie said...

I wish I had that mirror at this current job - instead I stuck my monitor in the corner and sat side-saddle for months so people couldn't sneak up on me or see me blogging! :-)

Ah, hope my next job has a better desk setup or I'll be ordering that thing!