November 7, 2007

How is this not my Profession?

This chick at BuzzSugar has the coolest job ever. Every Wednesday, one of their many o' awesome posts is dedicated to Recasting a Classic TV Show. Currently its Who's the Boss.

One of the readers sent in her thoughts:
Tony Micelli — Matt LeBlanc
Angela Bower — Christina Applegate
Samantha Micelli — Miley Cyrus
Jonathan Bower — Cole Sprouse
Mona Robinson — Shirley Maclaine

*And how awesome are those sweatshirts? Sam Micelli used to be my idol back in the day..

I used to do movie/tvshow recasts ALL THE TIME in college, but usually during those 2am funny delirious online IM chats with my friend Legno when I couldn't fall asleep. Except instead of Hollywood Actors, we would always pick our college friends... So fun to do when you are in a goofy enough mood.

Previous Pop Sugar Recast results..
Saved by the Bell (from a BuzzSugar reader)
Zach — Chad Michael Murray
Kelly — Megan Fox
Slater — Channing Tatum
Screech — Christopher Mintz-Plasse
Jesse — Haylie Duff
Lisa — Raven Symone
Principal Belding — Steve Carell

I don't think I could pick a good cast for SBTB, just cos I feel like it'd be a bunch of punks from the Disney Channel.



Allie said...

Waaah I missed ANTM!!!!

I wanted to be Samanthan Micelli when I grew up.

Jamie said...

ANTM! Finally.

Ebony who left 2 weeks ago is in my boyfriend's math class! Haha

Valley Girl said...

Loves it! Although I think Alyssa Milano's role should go to Vanessa Hudgens.

Katelin said...

Haha the new casts are hilarious, and I could kind of see some of them.

And woo for Top Model!