November 9, 2007

I'm InStyle this Friday..

So you wonder if I'm a football fan-- being a New Englander and having a dreamy Tom Brady as your home teams quarterback? Eh, not really. I do realize the games will be on all day Sunday because the Hubs in a crazy pats fan.. but I really just don't get it! I'll watch baseball, hockey, tennis (NOT golf) and all those seem easy enough to follow.. Anyways, the point is that this is what I did while "watching" the pats beat the colts last Sunday.

I'm a sucker for Makeovers. Its usually my favorite ep in ANTM. Anytime I see a beauty makeover tool on a website, you bet your balls I will be uploading my picture. Last time I did this on iVillage, now there's an even better one on You can to use Celebrity's hairstyles!!!!!! Drum roll please......So my head is like 3 times the size as Eva's, I'm not sure this is the look for me. And speaking of teeth whitening, Allie- when looking at Eva's smile and mine--I now think I'm a prime candidate.. blarg
OMG i never realized just HOW CLOSE me and Gwen look exactly alike! wwwhhhhaahhh

Aw sweet! This is how I'd look if I just ran a marathon! Good to know!
Kirsten- if you ever need a stunt double. Gimme a call.
When I saw the Rihanna one, I knew I had to try it out cos Valley Girl had just mentioned she got this style.

Oh man, how can I go back to my regular hairstyle now that I know there is SSSOOO much out there!! Happy Friday!


Andrea said...

You freaking crack me up! I love makeovers but I am an even bigger Football fan. Go Giants! Love the Rhianna look, I think you and VG should match hair across states ;-)

R said...

This post was hilarious to me. Still chuckling.

Valley Girl said...

Thanks for the link love! I like you with Eva and Rihanna's hair! You look cute!!!!


Katelin said...

Haha, I love the makeover tools. And I agree with Valley Girl, I like the Eva and Rihanna cuts, tre cute!

Nanette said...

Ooooh, fun!

willikat said...

seriously, you make me laugh so hard sometimes. i love it.

Jenn said...

jealous you had the opportunity to even watch the game. being in ohio, they showed the clowns (oops, browns) game instead :(

but looks like a super fun widget! i must try

have a great weekend!

WeezerMonkey said...

Really funny.