November 6, 2007

Jessica Simpson sets her eyes on the Hub

Jessica Simpson is on the prowl for a wicked smaaart guy.

“I think Boston has cute boys,” Jessica revealed to “Extra.”

“I need a Boston man. A Boston man is closest to a Southern man, I believe.” []

Really? Cos Boston guys just so happen to be looking out for platinum blondes with huge knockers and lots of money plus a mediocre singing voice. Oh wait. Maybe she could find true love here.

Just don't hang out with this ex bachelor candidate embarrassingly enough from Boston, who's now accused of being a serial rapist. Class act..


"Gisele" said...

seriously, where did she come up with that?!

Nanette said...

Hee, hee. I love your analysis.

Andrea said...

Ok is it an act... can any one person be that STUPID? Ok and what is up with that weird Boston guy... Ewwww! No bueno! Good thing he was only considering... hello can you say ABC Lawsuit!