November 12, 2007

L & H Throw it Down

****Hills Spoiler Alert****

oh snap! The hills got feisty this evening! Lauren was all 'Heidi you know what you did. You're a bad person' Heidi was all 'Lauren, just cos you don't have a new nose and double d's, don't be hating' and then I pretty much heard nails on a chalkboard. And do you really think Lauren waited until the next day around lunchtime to dish this all to Audrina? Speaking of Audrina, someone got a fake new gig! What kind of Instant Messenging goes on at Teen Vogue? It sounds and looks very fashionable. Spencer needs to pull something out of his sleeve soon, cos he's only gotten like 3 minutes Hills Time this ep. Question: would there have been anything going on this season if this said Sex Tape never got brought up? That seems too fishy. What a great conversation between Heidi and Lauren at the end. I wish I could quit you says LC!

I say we get Tyra Banks over to LA. She'll sit the girls down, and tell them all about when Naomi Campbell did the same thing to her... She'll then tell them that she actually founded Teen Vogue and Bolthouse Productions.. and post-its.

And finally.. why was Ruben Studdard on the show?


WeezerMonkey said...

Romy and Michelle! w00t!

Katelin said...

Oh I can't wait to watch this tonight, I'm glad it was a good one.

Andrea said...

OMG seriously. This show is getting cheesier and cheesier by the minute... people I am lactose intolerant. UGH! yeah and Ruben Studdard you mean Sean Kingston, all I am gonna say is this? He can sing by why be so sweaty and fat? And why flowers to Audrina?? Fishy fishy!!

Katelin said...

Speaking of the Hills, did you see this?

Oh Heidi.

Julie Q said...

Katelin- yeah, and i barfed when I read it. She's such a toolbag. Spencer was probably answering all her questions through an earpiece!!!

Jenn said...

i so wish LC bitch slapped heidi! now THAT would've made for great tv. love that show though... so addicting. & who cares if it's "not real"