November 4, 2007

Maybe NOW they will bring Average Joe Back!!

Tonite at midnight (or technically November 5th, however you wanna word that one) the Writer's Guild of America will officially announce they are on strike. Already SNL is planning to schedule a rerun for next saturday- even though THE ROCK was supposed to host. And Letterman & Leno are going to have to come up with their own monologues (i kept Conan out of it, cos he'll totally be able to pull that one off).

What this also means is all of my favorite shows "How I Met Your Mother", "The Office", "The Hills", "Friday Night Lights", "House", etc could be heading for rerun central til this is resolved... (like how i included the hills?? i did.)

The GOOD news is, I'm a trashy lover of Reality TV, so therefore ANTM will be airing away just as fabulous as it was before.. PS. seriously, some network needs to bring back Average Joe and Temptation Island.. ASAP


Heidi said...

temptation island and was AWESOME!!!! i miss that show!!

<3 Reality TeeVee. :)

WeezerMonkey said...

My brother HATE reality TV. Why? He's a writer! He voted to strike!

Anonymous said...


Let me share with you that to my knowledge, in anticipation of the strike, I have heard that most shows have a bank of episodes already filmed and ready to go. At least I hear this is the case for Gossip Girl and I assume all others have followed suit. You may not see the effect of this strike immediately.

Gossip Girl

Jamie said...

The Hills. It's so ridiculous but I can't stop watching!

I will be bummed if the Office goes into reruns. :(

Katelin said...

I heard that several shows will have to have mini finales in December if things don't change soon, ay.

At least there will still be Top Model, whew.

R said...

I do not want the office to go to re-runs. Sadness. I also heard that Tyra wouldn't allow the writers for her show to join the Guild so her stuff will continue. I have not confirmed this with my own research, but that's what I heard.