November 20, 2007

McDreamy Stays with the Red Sox!

My knight in shining armour Mike Lowell signed a 3 year deal with the Red Sox! I love that I'm very cheap and had to think long and hard before purchasing my Mike Lowell T Shirt during the world series (there was a chance he could sign with a different team since he became a free agent in November).

I had a good feeling Mike wouldn't leave us b/c he's not a jerkoff like Johnny Damon. Love the clean shave you rock on the Yankees by the way! (Note: I hated Johnny Damon while he was on the Red Sox because he bought a house in my hometown, then allegedly dumped his wife before she had a chance to move their with the kids, b/c he had already replaced her with a younger galpal. AND THEN he couldn't enter our dunkin donuts with regular folks inside, they had to close the store to the public so he could go order his mocha bullshit). Men who cheat should be sent to a small island with a very large volcano.Now if only we could get Kevin Millar to sign like a 10 yr deal for about $14,000. I'd be one happy Red Sox Fan!! AHH my favorite episode of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy (and the only one Gus would EVER watch with me) was when the Red Sox were on the show 2 years ago..

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R said...

Gasp! I didn't know Johnny Damon did that. What a scum bag!! I hope a thousand fleas infest his crotch.