November 17, 2007

Me! Myself! & Yours Truly!

Valley Girl tagged me for a meme. Basically you write 7 rando facts about yourself and tag 7 people. Make sure you leave them a comment telling them you tagged them!
1. I was named after the Beatles Song "Julia". (My parents were 'college-know-it-all-hippies' apparently) I always sign my name Julia, but I haven't let anyone call me that since my third grade teacher made it sound like "Jewel-Ya". I'm scarred by it still.
2. I get all my news from Matt Lauer and Jon Stewart. I click on before I click on And I once asked Gus to order me an US Weekly subscription as opposed to People, because People has too many human interest stories, with "regular people" haha and i'm really only interested in celebs.
3. I once hit a bicyclist with my car. BUT, the bike rider actually told ME he was sorry. I was 16. Just got my license. I came to a stop light. I told him to go. He told me to go. We both went. But his bike was okay!! haha I never told my mom about that one.

4. When I buy a house, all I want to do is make a Julie room, in which one side has a gift wrapping station, and the other side is maxed out in IKEA's Girly Retail store shelving so that it resembles a boutique, and if there's enough room, I'd like my own hair station and makeup counter. And I'd even make those crappy mix cd's that Ann Taylor Loft always played, with Micheal McDonald's "Ain't No Mountain High Enough" and any Celine Dion song.

5. I really don't think consider my dog Rocco a pet. I think of him as a crazy mime, who likes to sleep in our bed and eat our groceries and destroy all of our socks. Its good that he can't talk though, because something tells me he'd be a spoiled little smart ass (awww just like his mom).
6. I used to tell everyone I was half greek/half italian. But then I actually thought about it, only to realize I'm 25% italian, 25%greek, 25% swedish, & 25% anglo-saxon. *Yia yia, I know you will correct me on this one if I missed any ethnic shoutouts!!
7. I can quote every line in both "10 Things I Hate About You" and "Happy Gilmore".. and about 75% of "Goodwill Hunting", "Bridget Jones Diary" and "Shrek".

Hmmm what bloggers shall I tag. It seems like a ton of people have been tagged already!
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Jenn said...

Glad to know someone else has enjoyed the wonderfulness that is Silversun Pickup :)

"IKEA's Girly Retail store shelving" - invite me over so I can stand in awe of it. I <3 IKEA.

And yay for being tagged! I never get tagged! :D

brandy said...

#2 on your list I can relate to sooo well. In fact, I will check out,,, perez and gofugyourself THEN check out cnn. And sometimes it's because I really want to see what's happening in the 'real world' and sometimes I do it because I feel if a hacker ever broke into my computer I want them to see that I was at CNN, not just Perez. Insanity? Maybe.

Jamie said...

When I found out I was tagged, I was going through my head and thinking of who hasn't been tagged. I come here and you tagged half the people I was going to tag.

Obviously this means we all need to expand our reader network!

Larissa said...

I get my news from Jon Stewart too. And Stephen Colbert. Which is better than nowhere, I suppose. I hate the real news on TV.

Valley Girl said...

I don't consider my dogs pets, either. They're more like members of the family! =)

LBIC said...

lol I took this creative writing class once and this girl recited the "I hate the way..." poem, but added some of her own lines one time and the professor didn't even notice. As soon as she left the room everyone was like "so you like 10 things, huh" . what a dork.

But I love that movie so much.

R said...

Great read. :)

Michelle said...

a beatles song had an influence in my name too! :)

and i want my closet to look like a boutique. what a cute idea!