November 19, 2007

My Maple Cake Brings all the Boys to the Yard..

Reading the directions about 30 times, introducing myself to a mixer, and a quick run to the store by Gus, because I thought I could substitute butter with Country Crock = my Chocolate Glazed Maple Spice Cake was successfully created.
Rocco was a very helpful Sous Chef. Except he got a little excited when it called for Confection Sugar!Dine & Dish posted the recipe. And might I suggest some Champagne/Riesling Punch to go with! Here's how you make it, thank you mom!Debbie Q's Cham-pag-nan-yay Punch
-6 oranges, sliced thin
-1 cup finely granulated sugar
-two bottles Riesling
-1 large block of ice
-3 bottles champagne

1. sliced oranges in a bowl and sprinkle with sugar
2. pour one bottle of Riesling over fruit and let sit for 1 hour
3. pour mixture over block of ice in punch bowl
4. add remaining Riesling and champagne

Thanksgiving RBC Style was very fun. RBC stands for the Rochester Boston Coalition. And we even have sweaters made that say that. So you know its legit..Must get Lauren's approval before I post any kareoke videos that I shot throughout the evening!


Jenn said...

That cake looks delicious! I'd try to make it if I knew I wouldn't eat half of it.

Heidi said...

omg...that cake looks soo good :)

and Rocco is sooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!! (i love dogs can you tell hahaha)

Jamie said...

You are obviously trying to send me into a sugar coma by just posting that picture. It just looks sinful!

I love puppy pictures too!

Virginia said...

That looks delicious! I will definitely have to try that well as the one for punch. I am a total sucker for punch, especially if it has champagne in it, haha.

Valley Girl said...

Your posts always make me laugh out loud. I love your blog!

Katelin said...

That cake looks amazingly delicious. And I love the jackets, very Pink Ladiesesque :)

Nanette said...

You should have seen the strange looks I got from my co-workers when I licked my screen just now.

Jenn said...

u made this???

Kay said...

wow...that's looks awesome and i am craving something swett right now--so seeing that cake does not help.

Michelle said...

i am SO going to make that after the holidays. it's not helping me chocolate craving right now...

Kristen said...

Looks great! I love your sous chef :)