November 10, 2007

Nice Little Saturday

Didn't NaPaBloMo know this was going to be a low key weekend for the JQ Lounge? Friday night consisted of Dinner at Biaggio's followed by me trying to watch Friday Night Lights at 9pm and falling asleep about 30 minutes later.

This morning I hung out with Ali (aka Maid of Honor). We did some shopping at DSW, Filenes Basement (they only closed the DT Boston location), and TJ/Maxx. I was on the lookout for a baby shower present, and she was doing some home goods shopping because she just bought a condo! We then took a ride over to see her new place, and I can't WAIT til she moves in. I told her I'm going to watch all the home shows and start taking notes...

Baby Shower Stuff:
My cousin-in-law, Cindy, is having a baby shower next week! I've never been to a baby shower before.. very excited. I made the invites for it (but I changed the information to make it more JQ Lounge worthy and to keep the location disclosed cos of the stalkerazzi)
Here's the outfit I picked up for him today.. so cute.
THEN when I came home, the Sephora Fairy dropped off all my goodies. Gotta love the Friends & Family 20% off coupon. Here's what I got..
Very excited to try Benefit's Bad Gal lash, only because I'm obsessed with 'That Gal', I figured anything from Benefit is awesome.Again, have heard only good things about Benetint. I just could never get over the fact that it was $28... Thanks Lisa W for sending the coup my way! JQ Lounge readers: email me if you want in on these savings!

Yay! Lip Gloss! Yay! Smashbox!
[makeup photos from]

Plus Sephora sends you lots of goodies for ordering online. I got a sample of Cargo Bronzer, some expensive hair conditioner, and Christian Dior J'Adore Dior. Smells yum so far.

Yes I know I'm a jerk for buying all this stuff for me before the holidays. Bah hum blush.


Jamie said...

I have the same coupon. I've been trying to decide what I want to buy with it. I'm think some Dior Show mascara and Marc Jacobs perfume that I have been wanting! Also, maybe Jonathan hair stuff I use and another Philosophy face wash!

Julie Q said...

oohh jamie good call, cos now i'm totally going to make a new order since i forgot all about Jonathan product being available via sephora online!! Dior Show mascara is an option for the samples too (i opted for the gloss since I already picked out Benefit's BadGal mascara)

Valley Girl said...

Mmmm....home shopping!!! I can never get enough.

Kay said...

i love the invite, its very professional and chic looking. first baby shower, you'll have fun =)

R said...

First baby shower?! Love it. You must take pictures and share.

Katelin said...

Aw the baby outfit is precious. And good purchase with the Sephora discount, I still haven't bought anything yet, but I will soon! Thanks again for that!