November 25, 2007

Panera Terror

After a few errands, Gus and I decided to hit up Panera Bread for some lunch. We both opted for the Half & Half (soup-salad and/or half sandwich). Whenever I'm at Panera, I'm a wacko who likes to guess exactly when my order will be up.. There were only 3 people ahead of me, and after about 7 minutes, Gus smiled and nudged me saying "They're totally putting our stuff in the bag as we speak". The friendly guy behind the counter says "Julie!" and I'm on my way to greatness. All of a sudden, a psycho big sunglassed burberry ugg'in Bentley or Brandeis student takes off like a rocket ship says "I'm Julie", grabs the takeout bag and disappears within seconds. Before I could even say anything to the guy, Gus is like "And there goes our lunch". Giving this girl the benefit of the doubt I wait for another minute, and then the guy holds up a very small sandwich bag and then says "Julie!" again.

"Um, yeah you gave that other Julie our order"

"Hmmm, you sure? Do you have your receipt?"

"Yah. Here you go"

"Ha would you look at that. It'll be just a few more minutes."

5 minutes later. Our lunch is ready. We walk outside and Gus chimes in "Ya know.. I knew that was our order the entire time, but I really just didn't want to talk to that girl, b/c you knew nothing good was going to come out of that exchange of words!" (on her part not ours obvi) And I knew exactly what he meant. She seemed a little uptight just by looking at her. I can only imagine her flipping out when she realizes she grabbed the wrong order. Or- she'll be ecstatic that she got a lot of extra goodies in her bag, including my half chicken salad sandwich!

Still can't figure out the karma aspect in that story..


Nanette said...

Whoa! That's strange!

I love Panera. I love the "You pick two" combos.

Jamie said...

I love Panera. I haven't been in forever. The chicken noodle soup is so good!

Michelle said...

now i'm craving panera bread~
but that girl? so rude! wouldn't you check and see that it wasn't your food first? maybe that's just the picky eater in me. i would've saw the chicken salad sandwich gave it back and said no thanks :)

Valley Girl said...

1. I love Panera and I always get the half/half. Isn't the broccoli cheddar soup yummy?

2. O.k. WTH!? That was so weird. You are way too nice. I would've totally said something to her. No one messes with my food; NO ONE!!!! =)

Valley Girl said...
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Julie Q said...

Lol I tried deleting a comment b/c it got posted twice. and now it leaves much to the imagination of what someone said :)

Virginia said...

I've ALWAYS wondered what would happen if some other Virginia took my order at Panera! It hasn't happened yet (perhaps because no one else is vexed with my name, haha). But I do always go for the You Pick Two option. I like variety. And soup.

nicoleantoinette said...

I think everyone is in agreement about loving Panera and its half and half situation.

In a sort of related side note, I think I need to tag, like, my whole life with your "that's whack" tag. Haha- classic.

Katelin said...

Man I love Panera.

And that is a weird situation. At least you got your food figured out and didn't walk home with some totally random meal.

R said...

Wow. You got food jacked! She so on karma's poo list. ;)