November 1, 2007

Question of the Day

First of all, a very happy November 1st to you. Its the start of NaBloPloMo and its an honor to attempt to write a post everyday in the 11th month of two thousand seven.I like to think of random things. And today my randomness is geared towards Celebrity Spokes models for Cosmetic Companies. Do you think they only wear the brand of makeup that they're employed by? Is there a contract that you can be fired if spotted in a Sephora? Even when you see them on the cover of the magazine and you read that bio page where it says who they're wearing, what they ate on the set, what music they played during the shoot and what makeup they wore. There's NO WAY Cindy Crawford just wore Revlon foundation and a little mascara and gloss for the cover of allure. I just don't believe it! And Lauren Conrad as the new face of Mark? I doubt she's ever used one thing from them besides their makeup remover. I don't think I could choose just one brand of makeup to wear (but if I had to.. hellooooooooooooo.. MAC).


Jamie said...

I'm just really learning how to wear makeup for the first time...I'm 23. I haaaate doing it, but I'm trying. I like Philosophy stuff.

And I really doubt spokes models wear just what they are supposed to be representing. They might really like it but if they are off to do another shoot, commercial or movie, they probably have no choice in what they makeup artists put on them.

Okay, sorry for rambling! Yay NaBloPoMo! Good luck!

Kay said...

first off---you have a good chance if winning and i'm rooting for you.

umm can i just say i am beginging to get sick of LC and the hills in general...her personality isoh so boring, but it think audrina would make the better star.

Michelle said...

Happy NaBloPoMo! Woot!

and yes that's all the makeup Cindy probably "put on" but then Photoshop took over ;)

Valley Girl said...

I'm sure they stray from their brand A LOT. They just do it for the money.